Knowing How to Prevent Identity Theft Online is Crucial Information

Want to learn the techniques being used to steal your identity in 2008 AND the ways to prevent identity theft? If you have seen or read about some of the horror stories from people who have had their identities stolen and you think it could never happen to you…think again! According to a study by Gartner, there were over 15 million victims of identity theft in 2006.

That is equivalent to more than 28 new victims every minute! Even worse, cases of identity theft have continued to increase dramatically year after year since 2001. Now is the time to think seriously about what you can do to protect yourself and avoid becoming a victim of this life destroying crime.

An identity imposter can use your stolen identity to receive medical treatment, rent a car, lease an apartment, apply for a job…they could even commit a crime in your name! Never been in trouble with the police before? Think you have a totally clean criminal record? If your identity has been stolen, you could be in for a huge surprise!

I’m not telling you this to frighten or worry you, it’s certainly not an exaggeration and it IS happening every single day. Often you may not even know your identity has been stolen until you see your credit report or get denied for credit or a job. Now for the good news! We will show you some of the most common ways thieves attempt to steal identities and actions you can take to prevent identity theft from happening to you!