Visa Platinum Credit Card is a Worldwide Brand

If you are someone who wants a credit card you can use anywhere, the Visa Platinum is for you. Visa is a brand recognized world wide and it’s unusual to find a merchant anywhere that doesn’t gladly accept the Visa logo as payment.

When you apply for a Visa card you have a wide variety of options to choose from. From cash back to reward points to 0% introductory rates, you can choose the rewards and benefits you want.

Credit card use has been blamed by some consumers for credit problems that many have suffered in the economic downturn of the past few years.

Some of the blame may be warranted but use of credit cards also carried many benefits that can help with personal money management.

The key is to use credit wisely. One Visa Platinum from Citi is designed especially for college students who are just beginning to build their credit file.

For students and other accounts, the online tools provided by Citi help track spending and categorize purchases.

Pros and Cons of Visa Platinum

When you qualify for a Visa Platinum card from any major lender, it is due to your own good money management reflected in your credit rating.

Lenders such as Bank of America promote Visa Platinum accounts by offering a 0% introductory interest rate for six months.

This is useful if you have other credit balances you want to transfer to the new account in order to pay them off quickly with no interest charged.

An introductory 0% APR also gives you a chance to use credit and become accustomed to budgeting for the monthly payments. You have time to make purchases and pay them off without paying any interest fees at all.

If you search carefully, you may find an introductory 0% rate that is good for a full year. That is a fantastic benefit for those who want to pay off old debt as every cent you pay each month will apply directly to debt reduction.

If you choose a Visa Platinum card in order to receive a special introductory rate, be certain to read and heed the fine print in the agreement.

The non-interest period of time will be shortened if you do not make payments on time, for example. Know exactly what is required of you as the account holder in order to take full advantage of the special deals offering by the credit lender.

Visa Platinum for Business Owners

Small business owners may also choose to apply for a Visa Platinum to use for their business purchases.

The 0% interest rate may be available for businesses from many well known lending institutions. However, the business owner might be interest in other rewards instead.

Cash back offers and special discounts can be attractive to a business owner who charges a significant amount each month to his credit account.

The number of additional cards that can be used for employee purchases may also be a factor in choosing a specific Visa Platinum lender. For a business owner who must travel to other countries frequently, the Citi Visa Platinum is an excellent choice.

If you must travel to or will be working in Singapore or The United Kingdom, Citi will provide you with a business credit card you will be able to use right away.


The Visa Platinum provides solutions for almost all credit card needs. Students can build credit with a credit card while they attend school.

Consumers prefer the accounts for the online tools and tracking of spending categories available. Small business owners and those who travel or work abroad can find a Visa Platinum that is tailored for their needs.