Visa Business Credit Card – The Ideal Choice For Small Business Owners

The Visa Business has the tools you need to keep your business thriving financially. This credit card provides savings on the cost of many items your business needs and provides you with a detailed accounting of expenditures.


Cash flow is the lifeblood of your business. The Visa credit account will help you manage cash flow by providing the ability to buy supplies when they are needed. Some other benefits are:

  • Can be used at millions of stores and online sites

  • Reporting tools enable tracking of expenses by category and vendor

  • Visa discounts for business products and services at select merchants

  • Emergency cash disbursement and card replacement

  • Purchase security and extended protection

  • Auto rental collision damage waiver

  • Travel and emergency assistance

The Visa protects you with a zero liability policy for the ultimate in security. If your card is lost or stolen you are protected against fraudulent use of your card number.

This includes any transactions over the phone, in a store or online. The zero liability policy is activated automatically the first time you use your new Visa business card.

Should You Use This Card?

This Visa credit account is valuable for the reporting tools alone. Business owners can:

  • Receive notifications of payment and recurring bill reminders

  • Set custom reminders and email alerts

  • Track employee expenses

  • Track spending for tax reporting purposes

  • Identify unusual expenses or unusual patterns in spending

  • Analyze purchases by category or merchant

  • Be notified when spending exceeds limits you have set

Fees Attached To The Card

Visa provides the benefits listed above but does not issue the credit cards. Visa business cards are issued through large banks and financial institutions such as Capital One, Chase and Bank of America.

These lenders often add their own benefits to the business credit card and may offer rewards for miles programs or extra point rewards.

Each bank sets the qualification requirements for issuing the business card and interest rates range from 10% to as high as 18% depending on the policies of the financial institution.

Participating banks that carry the Visa business are listed on the Visa website when you click to apply for a new account.

Visa Business Platinum from IBERIABANK

Special Considerations

It is wise to shop several lending banks to find a visa account that offers rewards and terms that best suit your business.

If your business is one that requires frequent travel, the programs where miles are earned may reduce your travel expenses.

If travel is not part of your business you would be more interested in discounts on office supplies.

The variety of reward programs offered will have a business card account that fits well with your business model but you may have to spend some time investigating the offers to find the best credit account for you.

The credit rating of your business is also important. Qualifying requirements are not the same with all lenders.

Acquiring a Visa business is a simple matter if your business has established a good credit rating.

If you are just opening a store and have not built credit in the business name, you may need to guarantee the account personally.

If a personal guarantee is required ask the lender how long it will be before the good payment record of your business allows you to be removed as a guarantor of the account.

This is important as once your business has established credit in the business name you will want remove your personal financial assets to avoid liability.


The Visa Business is an excellent choice for small business owners. The card can be used to buy items almost anywhere and you can save money on purchases with a variety of reward programs and discounts.

In addition, you will save hours of accounting time with the Visa tools that allow you to track and categorize your expenditures.