Build Miles Quickly With US Airways MasterCard

This card offer announces some of the best benefits to be found on any travel reward card. If you travel a lot this may be the credit card you need as the bonus miles program is one of the best in the business.

Two consumer cards are offered. These are the US Airways Premier World Mastercard and the US Airways World MasterCard. For business travelers, the US Airways Business MasterCard is a popular choice.

US Airways Premier World MasterCard

No high limits required to begin using your miles for reward travel the Mastercard as travel begins at only 20,000 miles for Premier World members. When you receive your credit card you are immediately eligible for bonus miles.

The first time you use the credit card, you are awarded 12,500 miles. If you charge $750 in the first 90 days you are given 12,500 miles. Transfer a balance from another credit card and earn up to 10,000 miles immediately. Other benefits are:

  • First class check-in and Zone 2 boarding
  • One complimentary US Airways Club day pass each year
  • A certification that can be redeemed for up to two $99 companion tickets annually
  • No annual mileage cap
  • Double miles on US Airways purchases

US Airways World Master Card

For the average traveler, the World MasterCard offers a more modest accumulation of bonus miles. First use of your MasterCard results in 5000 bonus miles added to your new account.

Spending $750 in the first 90 days adds another 5000 miles and balance transfers can provide you with up to 10,000 bonus miles. As it takes only 20,000 miles for cardmembers to use award travel, a new credit account holder could qualify immediately.

Other benefits of the World MasterCard are:

  • A certificate redeemable for one $149 companion ticket each year
  • Exceptional travel benefits
  • 24/7 Concierge service
  • One mile awarded for every $1 spent
  • Preferred dining and entertainment

Business owners who travel frequently will chose the US Airways Dividend Miles Business MasterCard. There is no limit to the miles that can be earned and free cards are available for your employees to use. Other benefits are:

  • 25,000 bonus miles when you make your first purchase
  • Balance transfers from other business accounts within the first 30 days earn up to 10,000 bonus miles
  • Double miles for every $1 spent on US Airways purchases
  • Up to 10,000 Preferred miles each year
  • US Airways Club Day Pass
  • Earn one mile for each $1 spent on other purchases


All Mastercards designed for US Airways offer generous bonus miles. When you apply online you can receive a decision within seconds and receive your new credit card just a few days later. These accounts carry a 0% introductory APR for transfers for six billing cycles after the account is opened.


Annual fees are charged on almost every MasterCard from US Airways. The exception is a business account that earns far less in bonus miles. Annual fees range from $49 per year for the World MasterCard to $89 per year for the Premier World MasterCard.

Many of the bonus miles and benefits such as companion tickets will easily repay the annual fee if the companion tickets are used each year for travel.

The interest rates may seem high but this credit issuer does not list a broad range of fees as other credit companies do. Instead, APR is listed as either 15.24% or 18.24% and is a variable rate.

If you don’t manage this account responsibly, the penalties are high. Your interest rate may change to 30.24% APR if you make any of the errors listed below. This high rate will be applied for 6 months assuming you meet your obligations properly for that 6 month period.

  • Go over your credit limit
  • Make a late payment
  • Have a payment that is returned

The length of time the penalty will remain is not clearly stated in the terms of this credit lender. The six month “good payment” period is described but a reference to “other balances” is unclear. What is clear is the credit card is one that needs responsible management and timely payments.


The Mastercard from US Airways is an excellent and popular option for travelers and business owners alike. The terms and APR are competitive in the marketplace and the bonus miles are easy to earn and easy to use.

The only drawback is the penalty fees applied for over limit or late payments. These are extremely high and you should be careful to avoid any payment problems with these accounts.