The Big 3 Mergers of 2014

We might only be in May, but already we’ve seen some gigantic mergers that have already created head waves in their respective industries. Billions of pounds have changed hands and already various private equity companies are experiencing a huge surge in business.

To highlight just how healthy some industries have become over the last few years, we’ve now picked out the top three mergers and acquisitions that have happened up until now in 2014.

If you are looking to follow the same path, perhaps not on a $45 billion scale, we’d recommend looking for more information, and visiting For now, here are some of the biggest mergers that have taken place in the calendar year…

Comcast and Time Warner Cable

While this deal is yet to be ratified, the extent of it means that it’s well worth a mention. The two companies are locked in talks over a $45 billion merger that would transformer the cable industry.

With both being such significant players within cable, it won’t come as a surprise to hear that doubts have arisen on whether the FCC will accept any potential deal.

Facebook and WhatsApp

It was just a couple of months ago that this was splashed all over the news, with two of the biggest tech companies merging together. The deal cost Facebook no less than $16 billion and it’s understood that they are eventually going to integrate the mobile phone app into their own social platform.

Google and Nest

Whenever Google completes a merger or acquisition, the press swarm on it. Therefore, it was no surprise to see plenty of interest associated in their $3.2 billion deal with Nest. Considering the fact that Nest are a firm who pride themselves on domestic technology, it remains to be seen how they will slot into Google’s existing business model.