Finding Structured Settlements That Can be Sold

You have heard of the possibility of selling your structured settlement or annuity for a lump-sum payment, and you know you have a big expenditure coming at you with no other resource to pay for it.

You have heard of Structured Settlement Quotes (SSQ) and their ability to engineer some creative payments, but you may have what you think is a unique structured settlement and have heard that only lottery winnings are eligible for such transactions.

So, are there really other types of structured settlements for which SSQ has capable resources to offer a solution for your big, upcoming balloon payment?

As far as you’re concerned, you have a justified reason; the balloon payment would pay off your mortgage and give you the peace of mind to devote the now unnecessary mortgage payment to some other purpose, like saving for an extended Caribbean cruise and a 30-year anniversary diamond ring for your wife.

The Types of Structured Settlement Sales SSQ Will Quote

Actually, SSQ is not the direct funder, they’re better. They created the first marketplace to entertain quotes from a variety of qualified funders in order to offer you the best quoted purchase price for your structured settlement for the least discounted rate and with the fastest turn-around time for funding. They are the best in the industry accomplishing all three goals.

That said, it is true; they will negotiate the purchase of lottery winnings with a single, lump-sum payment. If you paid into a mutual fund annuity that is now paying out as part of your retirement, that, too, can be arranged by SSQ to purchase the annuity at its present value, less the discount rate, of course, which will apply in all cases of negotiating a sale.

Suppose you have a life insurance contingency payment coming. Yes, that is eligible as well. Unfortunately, your wife was seriously injured in her office when a tornado struck during the workday.

She is now at home, receiving worker’s compensation. No, SSQ cannot quote a payment for the value of the worker’s compensation. There actually are other types of payments for which SSQ cannot quote as well, but more about those later.

The unusual settlement you are considering is not yet paying; it is still in litigation, but all signs point to the court finding in your favor in a couple of weeks. Your wife’s injuries were not directly caused by the tornado.

While it did hit the building, her injuries were actually caused by the fall of a heavy, hardwood, floor-to-ceiling bookcase that should have been secured to the wall, but evidence indicates there were no securing brackets to prevent its fall. She was lucky to survive.

The payout from that lawsuit alone would provide the necessary money to pay off the mortgage, and then some. And yes, some or all of the structured settlement of that lawsuit can be converted to a lump-sum payment for your use.

That is an important consideration; you do not need to sell the entire structured settlement. You can sell just the portion you need immediately and leave the rest in its settlement payout month by month. You can even change your mind about that down the line and sell another portion or the entire remaining value.

The other payments that SSQ cannot quote, including workers compensation, are:

  • Payments to a minor
  • Pensions
  • Social Security payments
  • TIAA CREF payments
  • Mortgages (paid to you)
  • VA disability or pension
  • Pre-settlement cases
  • Viatical settlements
  • Other disability payments

Just as soon as the lawsuit is settled, give SSQ a call to sell the structured settlement.