Save Money With Low Fuel Cars

Fuel efficiency is something that any car purchaser would want in his/her new buy, but then, there is that latent feeling of compromising on performance and other parameters that define the cool quotient of the car in restricting one’s search on purely fuel efficiency.

The big question that arises next is – can fuel efficient cars be cool as well? The answer is a resounding yes, and this article intends to discuss three of such great cars up for grabs in the bustling US car market.

Toyota Prius – C

The Prius Compact selects itself in any list of fuel efficient vehicles, and this list is no exception. No other car delivers on the fuel efficiency front as laudably as the Prius. Along with great mileage that runs anywhere close to 57 mpg, you get a fulfilling ride.

The exteriors of the Prius C are pretty cute, and the interiors are surprisingly spacious. If you are a patient driver, there might be days when you improve the mileage to 60 mpg!

Ford Fusion Hybrid

If you are looking for a roomy sedan that doesn’t leave anybody wanting in terms of the comforts that one associates with this class of cars, and doesn’t leave your pockets burning, then there’s hardly a better bet than the Ford Fusion Hybrid.

Spacious cabin and trunk, beautiful interiors, and enough delivery in terms of on-road performance ensure than the Fusion Hybrid sits pretty on number two in this list.

Ford C – Max

Bringing a decent mix of a wagon and an SUV to you in one car, the C-Max has been pitched against Prius from Toyota. You can depend on this car to deliver anything close to 40 mpg, although you might easily clock more than 45 mpg with the Prius.

The ride quality is satisfactory, and you can enjoy zooming past other cars on the road without consuming gallons of fuel. This car brings you an interesting mix of futures that define the successful European line up of Ford’s cars, with the added advantage of fuel savings.

This list is barely complete; there are several other fuel efficient cars that can provide you the comforts and conveniences of cars belonging to more reputed fleets. is a great place to look for such cars. Not only do you land into great information pools that let you sail to perfectly suitable cars, but also get great offers and deals on cars every now and then.