Purchase The American Express Gift Card – A Great Deal Or?

Many large employers in the U.S. purchase the AmEx Gift Card as a sign of respect and reward to their employees.

This is perhaps the most recognized gift card in the country today and can be used almost everywhere the Amex is accepted.

Over a million stores in the United States, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands accept the Amex gift card which makes this a valuable corporate gift.

If you are searching for a perfect gift for a friend or family member, the AMEX gift card might fill that need. If you don’t know what your college age son needs for his birthday a gift card allows him to buy something he truly wants.

Safety Advice

A gift card is the same as cash and American Express offers some advice for safety:

  • Give the receipt for the gift card with the card to the recipient as proof of purchase.
  • Make a copy of the card for your records so it can be replaced if lost.
  • If the card is lost or stolen, report it immediately.

If you follow those simple suggestions, the American Express Gift Card will be more secure than cash and can be replace for a minimal fee (usually $5) if lost or stolen.

The Late Fees

When you purchase the Gift Card from AmEx you may expect the recipient will use it immediately but that is often not the case.

The person who receives this gift may choose to keep it for a special purchase or wait for a sale on a certain item. They may forget they have the card until they notice it hiding in the inside of their wallet or in a desk drawer.

This delay in using gift cards has generated complaints from recipients who find their card is no longer worth as much as it was a year ago when they received it.

Gift cards are not a high profit sale for American Express or any other credit card company. With the exception of the initial purchase fee of $3-8, there is no profit generated by the card.

For this reason, American Express and most other banks attached dormancy fees to gift cards. If a gift card was not used in a certain period of time (often six months), a monthly fee was assessed by lowering the dollar value of the gift card. The dormancy fee is a modest charge of about $2 per month.

Customer complained that the $50 gift card they received was worth less than $40 when they used it much later. In response, American Express removed its dormancy fee.

Other large credit issuers who sell gift cards may do the same to compete with AMEX. Discover, however, announced they would continue to charge a $2.50 dormancy fee and purchase charges as well.

AMEX Gift Card Never Expire

Another commonly reported problem connected with gift cards was an expiration date included. Some lenders require a card to be used within a certain time frame or the funds are no longer available.

The Gift Card from AmEx never expire! There is a date listed on each card with the words “valid thru”. However, if the date passes and the card have not been used, you can request a replacement card and one will be issue to you with a new date.

No Hidden Fees

Rather than charging hidden fees, American Express has opted to add various fee options. One popular choice is a personalized gift card available in denominations of up to $500.

The wide availability of American Express Gift Cards and the variety of merchants accepting them as payment has made AMEX a leader in the gift card field.

You can purchase the card from many merchants who add a small fee as their own profit or can order gift cards directly from American Express online in amounts from $25 to $3000.


Whether you are looking for easy Christmas gifts or want to reward loyal employees who’ve work hard all year, AmEx Gift Card is a perfect choice. Remember that the card can be used almost anywhere and it will be appreciated by anyone who receives it.