Prepaid Virtual Credit Card Explained

If you worry about someone stealing your financial information, a prepaid virtual card will make online shopping easier and safer.

This credit card works just like a debit card but is only designed to be used for online purchases.

The amount available to spend on the virtual card is limited to the amount of money you place on the card when you fund it and funds can be added at any time.

By funding only enough money on the virtual card you eliminate the risk of people stealing your information and making unauthorized charges to your account.

A virtual credit card is only a number to use. There is no physical card issued to the consumer thus it cannot be used for offline purchases.

The account number on your card can only access the money you have prepaid. A prepaid virtual card is not in any way linked to your bank savings or checking accounts or to your other standard credit cards. This card is for online buys only and is a dead end for anyone attempting to steal your financial information.

How it Works

When you find something to purchase online, you enter the number of your virtual card just as you would enter the information of any credit card when buying on the internet.

The purchase is made as the account number you provide is linked to the prepaid amount of money on your virtual credit account. It is impossible to buy items that exceed the prepaid funds available in the account.

The Benefits

Online identity theft is rampant today. Those who steal personal financial information are highly sophisticated and will take advantage of any purchase made on a site that is not fully secure.

Stories of customers who entered financial information online and later found money missing from their bank accounts or massive charges made to their credit cards have caused some consumers to fear buying anything online.

The rapid growth of products available for purchase online is due to the low prices and ease of buying through your computer. Low prices online are the norm as virtual merchants do not have to pay high costs of rental or utilities to run their business from a physical address.

Major merchants with many stores throughout the country offer special deals to their customers online on special buys and seasonal products. Competition among sellers can often result in free shipping for buyers which make low priced purchases even more appealing.

Risks to Consider

There is no physical credit card to lose when using a prepaid virtual card. However, the account number is linked to the pre-funded amount on the card.

Should you lose your funding receipt or lose the account number you’ve written down, it would be possible for someone to access the funds on the card.

For that reason, it’s wise to add funds just before you plan to make an online purchase. There is a minimal fee for adding funds but no interest is paid as your virtual card is funded when you choose and in the amount you choose.


If you are concerned about the security of buying items online, a prepaid virtual card will make online shopping easy and safe. You can obtain the card online and fund it without leaving your home.

Purchases made with a virtual prepaid credit card are not traceable and do not provide potential thieves with any of your personal or banking information.