The Free Software for Protecting Your Passwords

Before I start to talk about the superlatives of this software let me first ask you few questions…

Are you like me, tired of trying to keep in mind all these passwords that you don’t want to share with anyone? Do you feel uncomfortable when using the built in password saving function that is available on most browsers today? What if someone steal or use your computer when you are not there?

This intruder would be able to get access to all of your personal data and cause a real mess. Even worse, he could use your identity to sign up for credit cards and buy products by using these cards! How does this sound?

Well, let me tell you, these days are over. The software will store all your passwords with one click and safely protect them with encryption in an unbreakable safe vault. Even better, this software is completely free and you don’t need to pay a dime to use it.

The Free Software

The idea behind this software is to offer you a powerful but yet simple solution to store your passwords without needing to worry about whether an unauthorized person will get access to them or not.

The Features

  • Save all your usernames, passwords and the locations that these are used at.

  • Protect all your passwords with only one password instead of needing to remember hundreds of them.

  • All information is encrypted and safely stored.

  • Use one click to copy your username and password.

  • Safely store your quick links and associate them with your passwords that you can click on once you are logged in.

  • Sort your information and make it easy to find what you are looking for.

If you want to protect your passwords safely without any hassle I strongly advise you to get a copy of this software. This software does not contain any type of Adware, Spyware or third party programs as I hate these as much as you do.

With other words, I do not have any hidden purposes with it besides providing you with a simple way to keep your sensitive information hidden.

Download The Software

In order to get access to the full version of this software, simply register your demo with the username and registration code below:

Username: Password Guard