Is MasterCard a Service or a Credit Limit?

The main business of MasterCard is processing payments between the banks of purchasers who use credit cards branded with the MasterCard logo and the banks of the merchants who accept those cards for payment. Originally called MasterCharge, this is now a publicly traded corporation.

It was created by several banks in California with a view to competing with the BankAmericard which later became Visa, Inc.

The name has changed several times and the original MasterCharge Interbank Card became MasterCard for many years.

When the company was taken public in 2006, the name became MasterCard International to reflect the expansion of the brand globally.

Features of MasterCard

Many lending institutions offer their credit cards with the MasterCard logo included. Association with MasterCard provides a much great acceptance of the lender’s credit card worldwide.

There are also benefits for the consumer as they may receive special features such as extended warranties on items purchases with the card, accident insurance when traveling and even a damage waiver on rental cars.

Competition and Marketing

The only real competition to MasterCard in the lending arena is Visa. Most of the marketing focuses on enhancing the brand name of MasterCard and providing reasons to use that logo over that of the competition.

The “priceless” marketing campaign has been one of the most effective in the corporation’s history. In fact, the ads have been so successful that MasterCard is diligent about protecting its rights to the “priceless” ads.

Comedy Central was threatened with legal action after broadcasting parodies of the “priceless” ad campaign.

The Real MasterCard

When you apply for a credit card through Citibank or Chase or Discover, you may choose a card that features the MasterCard logo. You can also apply for a credit card directly from the MasterCard International website.

From prepaid cards to debit cards to credit cards, you can find the features you want with an easy online quiz that matches your personal needs and preferences with the credit offer that meets those needs.

Special Use Cards

Prepaid credit cards can be used as a budget aid for those who want to limit their monthly shopping or grocery buying to a specific budgeted amount.

If you have a tendency to charge more than you planned or find cash flows through your fingers, the prepaid credit card may be for you.

It is easy to exceed the food budget for a family when paying by check, debit or credit card. With no definite spending limit imposed it can be far too easy to buy a treat you don’t need or simply buy more than you need for the month.

The prepaid MasterCard is also a fantastic gift for a college student or for an older relative living on a fixed budget.

The MasterCard logo ensures they can use the card for purchases anywhere MasterCard is accepted. Rather than being limited to a certain department store, the card can be used for almost anything the recipient needs.

Other special credit cards directly from MasterCard focus on bonuses that pay cash back on gas or dining out and mirror many of the more popular bonus cards offered by the major lenders.

Popular Cards

  • Apply for a Capital One card without risking a mark on your credit report.
  • If you are travelling frequently, a US Airways card is perfect for you!
  • The eBay card is a must have if you shop at regularly!
  • The Western Untion prepaid card is even available to those with poor credit.
  • If you are searching for an ideal card for your family, the Union Plus card is a must have!
  • Which of Visa vs MasterCard wins the battle?
  • Did you know that Household Bank offers cards issued by MasterCard?
  • The BMO MasterCard is actually available to all social classes.
  • If you regularly buy Shell gasoline this credit card is for you.
  • You can’t go wrong with the GM card as it is highly respected among the consumers.
  • Wondering whether you should apply for a Juniper MasterCard as well or?


If you are uncertain what type of MasterCard suits your needs best, the short quiz offered by Mastercard online will help you find a basic credit account to suit you.

Whether you are looking for a special type of account or comparing with the terms of large banks that issue their own cards with the MasterCard logo, you have the choice of going straight to the source for your new MasterCard.