Is it Easy to Get a Hooters Credit Card Or?

The quest for status leads some to ask “How hard is it to obtain a Hooters credit card?” There is no easy answer to that question as there are several versions of the Hooters credit card terms and conditions.

Of course it is easy to get a Hooters credit card if you have excellent credit. However, you can also qualify with good credit and if you are willing to pay high fees even consumers with black marks on their credit files may find it easy to get a Hooters credit card.

The accounts are backed by Merrick Bank which has provided the funding for the labeled cards since 2006. Recent financial problems of the Hooters business led Merrick to disable the application site for a time but the application function has once again been restored.


Not surprisingly, the target market looking for a Hooters credit card is heavily weighted with young male consumers. Every credit card offer has a target consumer market it appeals to.

The name Hooters is clearly meant to create a certain mindset and to appeal to buyers active on the dating scene and focused on male/female relationships. It also appeals to those consumers who want to give the appearance of being “cool” or “edgy”.

Consumers choose credit cards based on the terms or the image the credit account provides to them. This is perhaps the biggest reason for the success of the Hooters credit card offers.

The accounts have a rewards program that has been well received. You earn 5 points on your Hooters credit card for each $1 spent at the restaurant chain.

As this is a MasterCard, you also earn 1 point per dollar for purchases at all other venues. Points do not expire and there is no limit to how many points can be earned.

Using the reward points earned is limited to applying them to purchases at Hooters and buying selected items offered on the website.


The interest rate and other terms and fees are dependent on the credit rating not the applicant and may be anywhere from 16.45% to 25.45% based on creditworthiness. This is a variable APR and can change with market conditions.

Though the lower rate is not out of line with credit card offers available today, only those with excellent credit will qualify for that lower rate.

For cash advances, the APR is 21.45% to 30.45%. In addition, there is a minimum $10 fee for every cash advance (or 4% of the amount, whichever is higher). Clearly, this is not a credit card to be used for cash advances.

This credit card is most often used in social situations. The name Hooters created controversy when the business was founded and that controversy has continued for years.

The name is not politically correct and this may not be the best card to pull from your wallet at a business dinner or meeting.

When someone asked on a forum where to apply for a Hooters card they were warned to be cautious of how such a card was used. Use of this branded card to pay for a business lunch with your female boss might not be a good choice.


The consumer base asking where to obtain a Hooters card is almost exclusively composed of young adults. This is a card meant to convey the attitude of the business that provides it.

If you frequently visit the restaurants for this retail giant, the rewards program will be useful. If you are looking for a new MasterCard to use for daily purchases and occasional cash advances, this might not be your best choice.