How to Start Making Extra Money Over the Weekend!

It is truly wonderful if you have found a job that will pay you enough to cover even your most unexpected expenses such as repair for broken appliances or the need to change oil for your car. Looking for ways to earn extra money while you are working full-time during the weekdays might be a daunting task. But, trust me, there are ways on how to earn extra money with just your creative mind and your craft, nothing is impossible.

To start making extra money over the weekend, you need to assess yourself first. What are your strengths or your hobbies wherein you can make money out of it. For instance, you are good at playing piano; therefore, you may apply to music school  as a part time instructor to teach piano lessons.

Having a side job, which is also a hobby of yours would be great because you earn extra money at the same time you are honing your craft. You hit two birds with one stone, as they say; but, before you do that, let me give you the list of side jobs on how to make extra money on the weekend so that you can get an idea how this works. Here are the best weekend jobs for extra money:

How I Found the Best Weekend Job for me:

Of course, if you are looking for weekend jobs, you will look for jobs that you are passionate about or something that is easy, fun, and makes you productive. That is why it is better if you assess your hobbies, interest, and skills to know which of those can let you earn money.

From my personal experience before, since I am a Registered Pharmacist and am working full-time as a Regulatory Affairs Pharmacist in a company, during weekends I used to spend most of my time in a drugstore near to my hometown  to work as a Community Pharmacist. Because Pharmacy has different fields of practice; therefore, I am enjoying the best of both worlds, working in the corporate world and working in the community, while  at the same it enhances my versatility as a Pharmacist. 

Through this part time job, I earned extra income to suffice other finances and used as funds for emergencies. Well, you may start thinking about your skills and craft  right now to decide, which weekend job is the right one for you. Otherwise, here are some weekend jobs that you might like to try.

1. Tutor Students

If you are a teacher, well, then you can  use your skills in teaching to work as a tutor over the weekends. You may teach a grade school student or a high school student based on your preference. Just make sure to specialize in one subject area, for example, in Mathematics so that you don’t have to prepare lesson plans for every subject.

Not only teachers can work as tutors, if you have the passion for teaching or you are good at explaining things; therefore, you might be suited for this job.

2. Babysit/Doggie Sit/House Sit 

Parents who work during weekdays or maybe out of town that they need someone to look after their pets or their house. Therefore, if you have pheromones with animals that even though they are not familiar with you, you can take care of them. If you have experience or you are good at baby sitting because you mastered the art of changing diapers for your younger siblings then you are a good fit for it. 

3. Hair and Makeup Artist

If you have spent hundreds of hours on Youtube to perfect smokey eyes and waterfall braid hairstyle, well, why not use your interest in putting makeup on someone else’s face? You can actually do this to make your friend’s hair and makeup during dates or any big events. Just make sure you know different hair and  makeup styles so that your client will be satisfied with your service.

What’s good about having the skills on putting hair and makeup is that once your career booms in this line, you may consider putting your own business and can get big clients, especially during weddings.

4. Garage Sales

While you cannot make much from this, it can help you declutter your old stuff while earning some small cash from it, especially if you used to own a lot of stuff. When decluttering your old stuff, make sure you sort them out carefully so that the stuff you will be putting on your garage sale are the ones you do not use, you do not need, and you do not love.

As a simple tip, set up your garage sale on busy streets or to bazaars where you can get potential buyers. Make sure the stuff is still in good quality so that people will still be interested in buying them.

5. Food Service 

If you have the passion for cooking and baking pastries, why not use this passion to make some steady income during weekends? There are ways on how to advertise your food, you may upload them through Instagram and Facebook or give free samples to your neighborhood so that they have the chance to taste your food, instead of posting it deliciously over social media accounts.

You may also offer food services such as serving pack lunches and delivery options around your town or nearby cities. For your baked pastries, you may consider offering a partnership with your local coffee shops that love to serve home-made pastries. This would be a bonus point, if you may bake them gluten-free.

6. Newspaper Delivery

You may contact your local newspaper and ask for part timers willing to work over the weekend delivering newspapers across the town. Meanwhile, there are some locations where they need extra hands to deliver during the weekends, which is a perfect fit for your schedule. 

7. Weekend Vocalist

If you can belt out some Ariana Grande songs, let your voice be heard by applying as a singer or the lead vocalist of a local band. This is because some local events, bars, restaurants are booking weekend gigs for entertainment to their customers that pays for a few hours of work. 

8. Rent Your Place

If you have a nice and instagrammable place that you may offer for rent every weekend, why not consider it as another source of income? You may sign up with Airbnb or Vrbo if you find your place a perfect short-term stay for people. Make sure your house is well-equipped, must have a nice bedroom with a great night view to city lights, and a clean bathroom so that your client would be happy to book your place. 

9. Virtual Assistant (VA)

If you have a background knowledge as a Human Resource; therefore, you may consider being a virtual assistant as your side job. Being a virtual assistant holds different responsibilities such as entering data, making phone calls, filtering emails, and working with other people. You may set up your hourly rate depending on your experience. Therefore, if you dedicate yourself working as a VA over the weekend, you can make some quick cash by Monday.

10. Uber Driver

You may sign up with Uber to drive passengers on their destination during weekends. Being a Uber driver is one of the easiest ways to earn quick cash using what you already own – your car. 

This works by connecting you to passengers who need to go to different places. This app may be downloaded through smartphones so that you can start earning some cash during weekends.

What’s good about having a sideline being an Uber driver is that you may decide to drive passengers that are nearby, which means you can spend time watching movies at home or just rest until someone nearby needs your service.

However, if you are really eager to earn extra cash, it is better if you stay on the road full-time during the weekends instead of just waiting for nearby passengers since a lot of people are off and need your service during these days.

11. Transcription Works

You need a sharp memory and fast-typing skills in order to fulfill this job. Transcription work involves converting an audio file into text. Hence, this type of side job may be done during your spare time at home, and then you will earn cash during weekends. 

Make sure that the company you will sign up with is legit. Therefore, you may check these companies that may help you find a transcription job.

By transcribing an audio file into text, you may earn up to $0.40 to $1.25 per audio minute.

12. Writing Gigs 

You can make money through writing if you have the skills and passion to write blogs and contents to a website. Freelance writers are paid well, especially if they produce high-quality articles. You don’t have to be a professional writer to get a writing gig, rather you just need to have a good background in researching and creating your own articles. 

Once you have shown your client how good you are at writing articles, you can ask your client to send you some writing articles over the weekend, and that’s how it works to earn extra money through writing.

To make you a good writer, you must have a laptop and different writing tools that may guide you in writing your articles. 


With the 12 ways shown in this article, you already have your idea on how to earn extra money during the weekend. 

In fact, you can actually earn a few pennies right away by taking online surveys. What you need to do is just simply tick what suits your opinion about the products and services being surveyed, and then you are done. 

Just a simple reminder, make sure that the side job you will be working on must not compromise your full-time job to avoid conflicts, later on.