How To Apply for an Old Navy Credit Card

If you are interested in an Old Navy credit card, chances are you are one of the many consumers who love Old Navy stores.

These popular stores have gained a tremendous following due to the reasonable prices and wide variety of quality goods offered by the chain.

Old Navy Credit Card Options

There are two options listed when you apply for this card. The first is for a credit card that can be used only in Old Navy stores and the second is an Old Navy Visa card that can be used like any other card with a Visa logo.

Old Navy credit cards can be used at the brand stores and for purchases from the GAP, banana republic, Athleta and Piperlime outlets.

Rewards and Benefits

Cash rewards are popular with consumers today. When you obtain an Old Navy card you will acquire an account that earns 5 points per $1 spent at the retail chain’s outlets. This reward is available on both the dedicated Old Navy credit card and the Visa store card.

If you have the Old Navy Visa card, you also earn 1 point for each dollar spent on other purchases made on the card. Each 1000 points earned is worth one $10 reward card.

Account holders get advance notice of special sale events as well as receiving offers and promotions exclusively offered to those with an Old Navy card.

There are birthday savings and deal offers every Tuesday where using an Old Navy Credit card gets 10% off when buying from Old Navy, GAP and Piperlime.

If you apply for an Old Navy card with the Visa logo, you earn points for charges at gas stations, restaurants, grocery stores and pharmacies.

Ordering online with the Old Navy card entitles you to free shipping for purchase over $100 as well as even more special promotions.

Applying for The Old Navy Card

The Old Navy card does not have an annual fee. It is issued through GE Money which is a major financial institution that is the source of many branded credit cards.

There are some cautions to heed before you fill out the application for an Old Navy card. You must acknowledge you are 18 years of age.

That is a standard part of credit card applications. However, Old Navy adds other qualifiers you must meet to be acceptable for a credit account. Your credit must be clear of bankruptcy.

Most credit lenders will not approve an application from someone who has a bankruptcy in their credit file. However, most applications do not clearly state that before you apply.

Your applications for an Old Navy credit card will not be accepted if you have been denied credit by GE Money Bank within the past six months.

In other words, if you have applied for other branded credit cards backed by GE Money and were declined, there is no point in applying for Old Navy at this time.

You must be a resident of the united States and have a U.S address, U.S. Military Mail address or a Puerto Rico address to apply for an Old Navy credit card.

Fees and APR

Before applying for the Old Navy card, it’s a good idea to check the terms and conditions. These are not cheap or low interest credit card accounts.

The Old Navy card has an interest rate of 24.99% that is variable and based on the Prime Rate. The Visa logo card carries a 23.99% APR variable rate.

Balance transfers and cash advances are available from the Old Navy Visa card but are not options provided for the standard credit account that is used only at the listed outlet stores. For late payments, a penalty of $35 is applied for both types of Old Navy credit cards.


Knowing how to apply for this card is a great question for someone who regularly shops at Old Navy, the GAP or related venues. For those seeking a new Visa card, the costs of the credit card may be prohibitive.