How Can I Apply for a Paypal Credit Card and Where?

If you’ve asked where and how to apply for a credit card from PayPal, you are one of millions of online buyers and sellers who have discovered the usefulness of Paypal as an online payment processor.

Paypal has been popular since it was started in 1999. Prior to sites such as this, buying and selling online were hampered by the necessity of sellers to have expensive payment options and for buyers to feel safe spending money on the internet.

The Ultimate E-Commerce

Paypal is the ultimate e-commerce business processing payments and sending funds to and from most countries in the world. It is a highly profitable business where relatively small fees are charged for each financial transaction processed.

Paypal is not a bank and initially all transactions were funded through the bank accounts of the site’s customers or by using credit cards of major lending institutions.

The appeal of Paypal was the security it offered in processing payments online. The trust of the site grew when it was acquired by eBay in 2002 as at that time eBay was perhaps the largest site for consumer sales online.

After acquiring Paypal, eBay gradually moved to required all sellers using eBay to offer Paypal as one of the payment options for their auctions. This alone added tens of thousands of new users to the Paypal family.

Today, Paypal offers both a branded debit and branded credit card. Both options were instantly popular with the public from the time they were first introduced.

Few Things To Do First

If you are new to using the Paypal site as a payment processor, there are a few things to do before you ask how to apply for a Paypal credit card. The most valuable asset of any financial institution is the trust of its customers.

This is true of Paypal as well. If you are not yet familiar with the terms and conditions of using Paypal, it’s best to read through the site and the terms before applying for a Paypal card.

There is no annual fee for the Paypal Plus MasterCard. The credit account was specifically designed for online shoppers and offers zero liability for unauthorized charges and other purchase protections as well.

You can use your Paypal Plus MasterCard just like any other MasterCard as you receive a physical card when your application is accepted.

As with any credit application, it’s wise to know what your credit score is to determine the likelihood your application will be accepted.

As with any other credit application you should understand your credit file will be checked when your application is processed. Each credit lender sets the level of credit that the lender considers an acceptable risk for consumers.

Your Credit Score Should Be…

The apply for a Paypal credit card with a reasonable chance of approval, your three digit credit score should be 675 or higher. However, Paypal also offers a buyer credit program to be used only on Paypal transactions.

Should your credit not qualify you for a Paypal card, you might be approved instead for the buyer credit program as an alternative to the MasterCard.

Go to your Paypal account and log in. Click on one of the links to the Paypal Plus card and read the terms of the credit offer carefully. There is a list of FAQs where common questions are answered.

Click on the link provided to make application for your new credit account. Look carefully at the address, email and name automatically filled out on your application to be certain the information is correct.

There is no long wait to find out if you application is approved. You can ask how you can apply for a Paypal credit card, log into your Paypal account, quickly fill out an application and receive approval 30 seconds later.

One you are approved for your new Paypal card, there is no need to wait until the physical plastic card is received.

You will immediately be able to use the card for Paypal transactions. When you new card is received in the postal mail, you can then use it anywhere MasterCard is accepted.

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