Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff: Get your Mind in Better Shape to Cope with Financial Stresses

While engaging in mind and body exercises which aim to help you relax and reduce stress levels won’t ease the physical impact of your money worries, by participating in the likes of yoga and pilates your mind will be better conditioned to control and manage any financial anxieties you may be facing right now. We’re firm believers that from all negatives come positives, in varying shapes and forms (and yes, we’re talking about the downward dog and lotus position in this instance), and although it will take more than elongated stretching to alleviate financial pains, by ensuring your body, mind and indeed, soul is at its peak, then emotional coping mechanisms will be stronger too.

Having said that, yoga, pilates, and meditation may not be your bag, but then there are a host of alternative methods of actively suppressing money woes, which will hopefully put you in a more enlightened frame of mind to tackle said financial problems. Below we highlight just a few of the popular means by which people who have experienced monetary issues in their life have dealt with their situations, from a more organic perspective. And don’t worry, we’re not about to talk you into practicing yogic flying or astral projection. As it happens we’re referring to less physical and more cerebral processes.

Monetary setbacks are among the most testing most of us endure during our lifetimes, although even they take a back seat to health concerns, understandably. But as long as we do all we can from a constructive viewpoint to financially get ourselves back on our feet if we do suffer knockbacks, then most people will muddle through it.

Thanks to a variety of dedicated cash loan firms in existence, such as, who go that extra mile to reach out and afford people who are desperate for funding support a lifeline of sorts, it might not be as long as you imagined before you’re back up and running. However, it’s what you don’t see that sometimes causes the most lasting damage when individuals are working their way through personal financial crises as best they can. Beneath the surface anxiety, stress and the specter of depression can loom large, yet conversely go unnoticed to the untrained eye, which is why it’s imperative that we connect with our inner self so as to counter the potential long-term effects.
If left to fester, financially-triggered stress can not only take its toll on your fiscal wellbeing but also your health. Monetary problems have long been recognized as a common starting point for anxiety-related illness, but like many conditions which affect both our bodies and minds, we must first acknowledge our enemy before we can fight it. And the truth of the matter is, that enemy is often found within. The road to recovery begins with the restoration of a positive mental attitude and retraining your mind to see situations in a different light.

Talk Positive, Think Positive Thoughts, BE Positive

The words and language we use are powerful tools in both the wrong and right hands. Don’t frequent negative ones, and use vernacular to positively reinforce your views and opinions of yourself and your personal scenarios. Tell yourself that you will do this and achieve that, as opposed to question your transient thoughts. And believe in your power and own destiny, and that you can and will change things. Remind yourself you’re not the only person enduring this, and that hopelessness is merely the notion of losing control

Dwell on Good News

Focus on the good things in your life. Family, friends, career. Work on solving one thing at a time, and agree a truce with yourself when it comes to situations you can’t change then and there. Avoid thoughts of failure and remember that even the most successful people in life have rebuilt after much worse setbacks

Take Regular Exercise

It needn’t cost you more than a pair of trainers or walking boots, as you set out on daily wanders in the great outdoors; taking in your natural surrounds and absorbing the beauty of the everyday. You’ll also enjoy social interactions which again will help take your mind off your own problems for a while, which is therapeutic in itself. You could even run, if that’s more your thing, or dog walk

Listen to Music

Obviously, not 1990s grunge artists, but by the same token don’t feel you must listen to whale music or the sort of pan-piped relaxation CD’s you’re privy to at the medical centre waiting room

Live in the Now

Yes, by all means plan for tomorrow, but choose to live in the present. While plotting to safeguard out future is important, it shouldn’t be at the cost of missing out on the here and now