The Disney Chase Credit Card Remains Popular with Consumers

When you research this credit card you are considering only one of many of the corporate cards provided by Chase Bank, a leader in credit card financing.

A bad economy has led to consumers using less credit and to a tightening of credit qualifications for new applicants. The economy plus the introduction of new lending laws have eliminated some of the rewards offered to new credit holders.

Increasing Popularity

The Disney card offered by Chase has not followed the downward trend of credit card use. This popular card has adapted to economic hardship by offering more bonuses and better options if you use the Disney branded credit card.

Disney resorts have reduced prices and added special value family vacations to encourage the public to continue visiting their attractions. This huge promotional effort extends to the Disney Chase and consumers are reaping the benefits of cheaper family vacations.

Disney Dream Rewards Credit Card

The rewards system of this credit card is simple and straightforward. Every time you use the card to make purchases you are awarded 1% of the purchase in Disney Dream Reward Dollars.

When you redeem the Dream Reward dollars they are worth exactly $1 on Disney products and special offers. In addition, there are other discounts offered to card holders.

Dream Reward Dollars Will Save You Money

With only 10 Dream Dollars you can get $10 off a meal at any Disney theme park. When you shop at a Disney Store 20 Dream Dollars will buy a DVD while 30 will get a Princess costume.

Other perks offer 50% off on subscriptions to Disney magazines published for children. Seasonal offers at Disney Stores may include 10% or more off swimwear purchases or up to 45% off on selected Broadway performances. When you consider a ticket to the Broadway musical “Mary Poppins” can cost as much as $121, the ability to buy the ticket for $66.50 is truly a great option.

The Disney Chase Card Review Focuses on Family Vacations at Disney Resorts

For many families the value of the Chase Disney Credit Card is the ability to help pay for a family vacation at a Disney Theme Park. A visit to DisneyLand or DisneyWorld is the dream of every child in the U.S.

However, this has traditionally been an expensive vacation destination. From hotels to meals to daily park tickets, families often must save for years for such a vacation experience.

Family Vacation Rewards

The rewards offered vary with the vacation destination. Disneyland in California currently offers more opportunities to use Dream Dollars. This is due to the financial reality of running a vacation destination resort in a state with significant economic problems.

At DisneyLand the Disney dollars can be used for dining, merchandise and tours as well as applied to a dream vacation package. Visitors can even get 10% off stroller rental.

At Walt Disney World in Florida, discounts are available for Disney product purchases and for dining. During special offer periods, both locations may give accommodation discounts when using this Chase Visa Platinum card.


If you have children who long for a vacation at a Disney Resort, you can begin saving now by acquiring credits with the Disney card

The card not only can be used for your regular purchases but is also good for 0% APR vacation financing and a $50 onboard credit for a Disney Cruise. With real cash discounts on Disney items and vacations, this is a family friendly credit card