Ideal Credit Card Payoff Calculators

Are you looking for calculators that make sense to regular people like you and me? I know by experience that many online calculators seem to provide numbers without any thought of who will be using them or what information the user truly needs.Many of us learn things visually (rather than just reading a manual) and appreciate graphs that explain how credit card debt elimination will work while others prefer reading text and numbers for an explanation of the process.

This is why I skipped the standard credit card payoff calculators available online and created one myself that will provide you with results and data in a way that is easily understood.

Your Credit Card Information
Annual Interest
Interest Only Payment
1. Months Left To Payoff Goal
Monthly Payment $
Months To Payoff
Total Interest Paid
2. Monthly Payment To Payoff Goal
Months To Your
Amount Per Month
Total Interest Paid
Results are estimated and may vary depending other factors not included in the current calculation

If your credit card debt is $2000, here’s the money you’ll need to pay every month.

Before you begin to calculate your debt payoff you need to gather information easily found on your credit
card bills. By using your current debt balance and the Annual Percentage Rate listed on your monthly statement you have all the facts you need to create a plan to eliminate your debt.

You can approach conquering your credit card debt using one of two options provided by the calculator:

1.) If you know how much you are able to pay each month you can enter that amount in the calculator and learn how many months it will take to pay off the balance making that fixed payment each month. The total amount of interest you will pay is also provided.

2.) If your goal is to pay off your debt by a specific date you can enter the number of months you intend to pay on this credit debt and the calculator will display the monthly payment amount necessary to reach your goal.

It is important to note that when using Option 1 you must enter a payment amount that is greater than the interest only payment shown at the top section of the calculator. Obviously, your payment will need to be higher than the interest charged on your debt each

Please note: The numbers provided by the credit card calculator are estimates and may vary depending on factors not included in the current calculations. For example, there may be hidden charges on your account, late fees or over limit fees that could add to the balance due.

Play with the options to find payment amounts that will work for you. Remember, these calculators are totally anonymous and does not provide your personal financial information to anyone.

Take the time to accurately estimate the maximum amount you can pay each month. In order to reach debt relief faster look at your monthly expenses to see if there are cutbacks or savings you can find that will provide more money to apply toward
paying off your credit card debt.

When you arrive at a payment amount or a time period that suits your personal budget you can print the calculator results and
place that where you will see it frequently.

This will help you remember your goal each day and help you maintain strong motivation to reach your goal and pay off that crushing credit card debt as quickly as possible.