Citibank Credit Cards Has Something for Everyone

If you want a wide range of benefits to choose from, the cards from CitiBank might be what you are looking for. Standard security features and the advantage of not having to carry cash is the same for any major credit card but the perks and reward programs vary widely.

If you are looking for a card that is designed to suit your lifestyle, you might consider one of the 8 cards below…

Citibank Gold Card

With a higher than usual credit line and cash limit, the Citibank gold card offers access to international lounges in airports and has a secured insurance option. If your card is lost or stolen it will be replaced quickly at no fee.

In addition, a low initial interest rate may be offered and reward points earned at 1 point for each dollar spent.

These points can then be used to fly on any airline. Before you consider applying for the gold card you need to remember that the limits for this card can be as high as $60,000!

Citi Platinum Select Card for College Students

Offering 0% annual percentage rate on purchases and balance transfers for six months, this card also has bonus offers included. Use of the card rewards “Thank You” points and those points are based on student behavior.

Purchases at venues such as restaurants, book stores, movie theaters or video rental stores earn 5 Thank You points for each $1 spent.

Other purchases reward 1 Thank You point for each $1 spent. Some of the bonuses you can receive are rewards for good behavior.

Pay your debt on time every month, don’t go over your credit limit and you will receive 25 Thank You points.

Maintain a good grade point average and you can earn up to 2000 points. There is no annual fee and the points can be used for gift cards, travel, purchases of electronics and more.

Citi CashReturns MasterCard

One of the most straight forward cash back cards is the CashReturns.

No need to read through pages to learn how you can use the bonus for this account as you will automatically receive a check for $50 every time you reach $50 cash back.

The cash back is earned at the rate of 1% of the amount of everything charged to the card. To encourage new users, Citi offers a 20% bonus cash back on purchases made for the first twelve months after receiving this account.

Diners Club International Credit Card

This well recognized card allows you to choose your own credit limit and can be used around the world as five million companies accept this card in payment.

Interest rates do not appear for fifty days after a purchase which in itself is unique today.

Jet Airways Citibank International Gold Card

Cardholders are automatically awarded 1500 miles when they are approved for this credit card that also insures services.

For frequent travelers this card offers jet privileges and promotions on jet miles when you use it.

The Citibank Silver Card

Though it offers occasional discounts for certain stores and has a no cost card replacement policy, this credit card includes various types of insurance such as personal accident, baggage and even household insurance. This is one of the most popular cards at Citibank.

Citibank Woman’s Card

No surprise to find a credit card targeted to the women’s market.

Offering discounts on cosmetics, jewelry, health and beauty products, clothes and various specific stores this card is designed to suit the shopping needs of many women.

The Specialty Citibank Cards

Citibank cards are specifically designed for a certain specialty market. For those who spend frequently on a favorite hobby or activity these offer numerous advantages.

With discounts on concerts and movie passes, books and music, these cards provide an excellent way to track spending on your favorite activity.

In offering a wide variety of choices, Citibank has led the field in providing credit cards designed to meet the needs of specific customers.

The qualification requirements vary from one card to the next as do the level of rewards or bonuses offered.