Citi Credit Card – Variety is the Name of the Game at Citi

One of the advantages of the credit cards from CitiBank is the variety of accounts offered. If there is a credit card for a special use or offering an outstanding rewards program, there is a good chance that card is from Citi.

Sponsored Cards and Partners

Marketing of Citibank cards has been concentrated on offering a large number of rewards that are tied to various cards. Citi also produces credit cards for several well known brands such as Sears, Home Depot, Citgo, ExxonMobil, Phillips66-Conoco and Shell.

In partnerships with other large companies, Citi offers its own version of American Express with the Citi Diamond Preferred Rewards American Express Card. The Diamond Preferred is a Citi trademark and also available with a 0% APR offered on balance transfers for the first nine months after the account is opened.

American Airlines is featured with Citi on the AAdvantage American Express card and also on the Citi Gold AAdvantage World Mastercard. The basis of Citi cards seems to be to offer the widest variety of options possible to consumers.

The Variety of Citi Cards

With something for everyone, Citi focuses attention on the bonuses and reward programs each of the Citi card offers.

The Platinum Select Mastercard offers online shopping discounts and a 0% APR for 9 months on balances transferred to the new card. Citi Diamond Preferred cards earn extra ThankYou points for each $1 spent at supermarkets, drug stores and gas stations.

This is the perfect choice for a hockey mom who is buying food, filling prescriptions and filling the gas task every day of the week. A $20 purchase at the drug store earns 100 ThankYou points while the $100 spent on the weekly groceries adds another 500 ThankYou points to your total.

The balance can grow quickly and be redeemed for travel rewards, sporting events, electronics and more. All other purchases on this card award 5 ThankYou points for each dollar spent. It’s an excellent choice for an active family.

Citi Matches the Competition

One strategy that has been successful for the credit cards from Citi is the ability of the corporation to respond to new offers by other lenders and quickly create a variation of the offer that carries the Citi logo. Discover was the first to offer a cash back card. It’s not surprising that Citi also now offers a cash back card.

Citi carried the cash back concept to new heights by automatically sending you a check for $50 each time your cash back balance reaches that amount. Citi also awards you a 20% bonus on all cash back earned through use of your Citi card during the first 12 months.

In response to the bad economic times and tight budgets, Citi quickly introduced a credit card that rewards you if you use credit wisely.

This card combines the ThankYou points reward system with rewards for signing up for paperless statements, paying on time and staying below your credit limit.

It’s an interesting concept as it offers rewards for good financial behavior rather than focusing on punishment (fees) for bad behavior.


Most credit cards from CitiBank do not have annual fees attached though some of the branded cards do carry fees of $50-75 per year. Interest rates are variable with the lowest listed rate currently at 11.99 percent available to consumers with very good credit ratings. The more common interest rate as this is written is 14.24-16 percent.

You can reduce the effective interest rates by choosing a plant that is tailored to your needs. If you are consolidating credit accounts, you would choose a Citi card that offers free balance transfers and/or a 6-9 month period of time where 0 percent interest is charged on transferred balances.

Meets the Consumer’s Needs

The reputation of Citi is for variety of plans (e.g and for high quality rewards programs offered to customers. While many lenders offer rewards that are seldom redeemed due to high cost or the ability to redeem points earned being limited to a few certain merchants, Citi tailors its rewards programs to meet the needs of specific consumer markets.

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