Chase Visa Credit Cards Focus on Meeting Specific Consumer Needs

If you are looking for a new credit account, the popular Visa cards from Chase bank are an option you might consider. Chase focuses on offering credit accounts especially designed to meet special consumer needs.

The Wide Variety

Chase partners with airlines, hotel chains and other large corporations to provide credit cards branded in the partner’s name. Frequent flyers often choose one of the Chase airline credit card accounts.

Chase United card offers 30,000 bonus miles after you spend only $250 with your new credit card. You will earn 1 mile for each $1 spent on eligible purchases. In addition, after your first purchase you will earn travel certificates and from the time you receive your new credit card you have the benefits of a Visa Signature card.

Southwest Airlines awards Rapid Rewards credits to those with a Chase account and includes rewards for using preferred hotels and rental card purchases.

The Chase Marriott credit card carries 22,500-30,000 bonus points depending on the account and also includes a free night stay every year. This is a great option for those sales people who spend nights on the road. Marriott offers moderately priced accommodations that are often located near airports and in the business centers of major cities.

Chase Visa for Family Fun and Shopping

The Chase Disney Rewards Visa card is one of the most popular credit cards for family use. There is no annual fee and purchases earn Disney Dream Reward Dollars. Cardholders often receive special offers for Disney products and are eligible for special vacation financing for Disney locations.

The Priority Club Visa card from Chase is free for the first year with a $29 annual fee for subsequent years. This card is useful when staying at participating hotels. You will earn 3 points per $1 spent at a Priority Club hotel and 1 point per $1 spent for other purchases made with the card.

New cardholders receive 30,000 bonus points after their first purchases and 10,000 additional points if they charge more than $15,000 annually.

Senior citizens opt for the AARP Visa card that allows them to quickly qualify to redeem points. With only 2500 points, cardholders can receive $25 in cash or a gift certificate from one of several brand name merchants.

1 point is awarded for every dollar of purchases made with the card. In addition, there is a 0% introductory APR on the AARP card that makes it quite attractive to retired consumers.

Does Chase Offer Only Visa cards?

Although Chase offers one or two credit cards carrying the MasterCard logo in partnership with retailers, Visa cards are more commonly featured.

Chase is a huge bank in its own right and also offers student credit cards and both personal and business credit accounts under its own logo without the Visa brand. Smaller banks without the resources Chase commands seldom offer credit cards without a major backer such as Visa.

Why Use a Popular Chase Visa Credit Card?

Adding the Visa benefits to the widely recognized Chase brand name increases the number of venues where your credit card can be used. In the U.S. almost any store will accept a Chase credit card. For international travel, the Visa brand is highly recognized and is accepted more places worldwide than any other credit card.


The popular Visa cards carry the Chase brand name which is known to be a large, stable banking corporation. The addition of the Visa logo to your credit card adds the benefits offered by Visa to the benefits of Chase.

The result is a credit card that can be used almost anywhere in the world to make purchases or to access cash while traveling. If you plan to carry only one credit card when you travel, the popular Chase Visa credit card is a good choice.