Charity Credit Cards – How Do They Work?

Could charity credit cards be for you? If you’re one of those who has always wanted to give to charity but just can’t seem to stretch your paycheck far enough, you may be interested to learn about giving to charity by making everyday purchases! Let me explain…

If you have never heard about charity credit cards before, first thing you should know is that they are a great way to donate money to a cause of your choice without ever having to empty your wallet completely. How does that work? Well it’s quite simple, for every dollar you spend on your credit card, a small percentage of the purchase price is donated to the charity your card supports.

Perhaps you’d like to aid conservation, contribute to cancer research, or support another cause you are passionate about? There are cards for virtually every charitable organization. These credit cards allow people just like you to kill two birds with one stone. Gone are the days when you have to feel guilty every time you see a charity appeal commercial, now you can rest assured that you’re contributing to an important cause of your choice.

For example, if you’ve experienced an illness such as cancer, you may feel content knowing that a portion of your everyday purchases can be donated to the cancer fund of your choice. Look for a card that not only supports your chosen charity, but also suits your pocket too. Many come with low APR offers, low or zero annual fees, and maybe even a reward benefit or two!

Even though you’ll be contributing to your favorite cause, it is important to keep in mind that this type of credit card is still an actually credit card! They have introductory APRs and regular interest rates, they have annual fees & late fees and they can put a negative rating on your credit if you don’t manage them responsibly. Although if you’re sensible and careful with your credit cards, you’ll have nothing to worry about!