Cell Phone Credit Card Processing – A Fast Growing Payment Option

If you sell your products or services from your office or storefront, you can easily process credit cards through a standard card machine.

What happens when you go to a trade show or present your product at a business meeting or seminar’s You may have a conversation that would result in an immediate sale if only you could close the sale and process the customer’s credit card right away.

The technology used for processing your card with a cell phone also provides a safe method of payment for sellers who participate in large flea markets. Unable to set up standard credit card machines, many of these sellers make a significant dollar volume of sales yet still process credit cards manually.

The risk of fraudulent credit card payments is high which leads many of them to insist on cash payments.

Cell Phone Processing is the Next Step

Today you can sell your product or service at a trade show or meeting or even over lunch and process the credit card immediately. This allows you to sell anywhere you have a cell phone signal.

Customers can access your online payment processor to authorize a purchase by using their cell phone. You can use a small version of a swipe machine at a trade show and the customer can complete the sale by entering a PIN number on his cell phone.


Buyers can be fickle. The customer who is excited and ready to buy when you explained your product at a trade show booth may have second thoughts by the time he gets home.

The technology of cell phone processing is safe and secure. The ordering and payment process is completed within seconds and many standard service providers can be used to process credit cards by cell phone.

The technology can be used for most brands of cell phones and sellers save money if they have a phone service provider that is equipped to handle the transactions without extra charges.


The risk associated with this technology is to the seller rather than the consumer. Should the seller’s small processing machine be lost or stolen it is possible that someone could make fraudulent charges against your customer’s accounts which could cause repercussions for you.

The cost of this technology is coming down as the process becomes more widely used. However, the costs are higher than those associated with processing credit cards in the standard way.

Accepting payments through an online payment processor is still less expensive than processing with cell phones and requires only internet access rather than a machine.

You may need to explain the payment process and the safety factors of to consumers who are worried about using a new technology.

Some people may know that cell phone calls are not secure and may be fearful credit card information might also be at risk. The process for the buyer and seller is simple and easy to explain and to understand.

Cell phone processing eliminates the need to write down credit card numbers and other customer information to be processed later when you return to your office or business location. This alone is a significant protection against fraud.


If you are uncertain about the future of cell phone processing, the list of companies offering the technology should ease your mind. The cell phone business grew faster than consumer experts expected and using those phones to process credit card payments seems poised for the same rate of growth.

The competition for business owners is already significant with major financial institutions such as Chase offering the processor free for merchants who use their version. Even cell phone providers are competing for the business of merchants who use the technology.

At the current rate of growth of cell phone card processing, merchants who do not offer this technology may find themselves losing customers to competitors who adopt this new payment method.