The BMO MasterCard Suits All Types of Lifestyles

This credit card was featured recently in banking news when the Bank of Montreal launched a new MasterCard with first class benefits aimed at the Canadian market.

The superior rewards program, flexibility of use and comprehensive insurance offered by the BMO World Elite MasterCard was designed to provide Canadians with the benefits of a premium credit card account and rewards suitable for luxury travel and cultural events.

With this credit card you will be able to access popular concerts, theatre events, cultural events, luxury travel packages and luxury hotel groups.

The rewards program is designed to provide account holders with a high degree of choice and flexibility as well as superior value. One point is earned for each dollar charged to the card.

Points on Any Airline

Points can be redeemed on any airline and there are no blackout periods or seating restrictions. Points can be used for business and first class airline travel if desired.

One valuable benefit is that points may be used on other flight charges which might include taxes, fuel surcharges and booking fees. This is an unusual and highly desirable benefit for the traveling public.

The flexibility in use of the benefits earned with this card extend to special fares. Many credit lenders who allow miles or travel point awards limit the application of the rewards to standard airline pricing only. Bank of Montreal goes much farther.

The BMO World Elite MasterCard earns points that can be redeemed to over actual costs of fares and can be used with special discount airline offers and off season sales.

Points can also be redeemed by applying them toward a choice of investment options that include retirement savings plans and educational savings plans. This is truly an innovative approach by BMO.


Bank of Montreal is a recognized lending institution in the Canadian market. With a variety of credit cards available, consumer can choose the options and rewords that best suit them.

The basic Bank of Montreal Gold MasterCard offers 1 air mild for each $15 spend and carries a $99 annual fee.

There are further options as interest rate on this BMO account may be 12.9% or 19.5%. For the lower rate of interest an additional $35 is added to the annual fee.

In addition to the air miles rewards earned through use of the MasterCard, accounts holders can access additional percentage discounts on flights, gas, car rental and travel insurance protection.

Bank of Montreal also has two options of MasterCards designed with students in mind. The SPC Air Miles MasterCard earns one air mile for each $20 spent as well as offering 10-15% student discounts at hundred of retail locations.

There is a card with cashback rewards for student that provides an alternative to air miles.

This choice is popular for students who can use the annual cashback rebate as a payment to their credit card account while also taking advantage of the same discounts on purchases at nationwide retail locations.

Both options for students have no annual fee for an account with 19.5% interest rate. Should the student qualify for the lower 12.9% rate, there is a $35/year annual fee.

An unusual yet highly desirable option is the BMO US Dollar MasterCard account. With this credit card, you can pay for U.S. purchases in U.S. funds and avoid the uncertainty and costs associated with exchange rates that fluctuate constantly.

The 19.5% interest rate and $25 annual fee are reasonable charges for Canadian citizens who buy items regularly in the U.S.


There are no major disadvantages actually. The lender is a large financial institution and the only challenge is the necessity of changing merchant partners on occasion. These credit accounts are accepted world wide and the reward programs are generous in today’s marketplace.


This credit card will suit you no matter if you are a student looking for discounts and cash back or a frequent traveler seeking luxurious accommodations.