Ask Friend to Recommend The Best Free Credit Report Information Provider

Banks are not only interested in sending you credit cards but also want to ensure you understand money management.

This is self serving on the lender’s part as the goal is to educate consumers so credit card balances will be paid as agreed.

Agenda is Not Crucial

No matter what the agenda is, credit repair information provided by lending institutions is extremely valuable to the public.

A simple search on Google will lead to almost any financial information you need today. There is no longer any excuse for a consumer to say he didn’t understand how credit works.

If you are looking for the ideal credit repair service you may be seeking help to manage your debt.

If so, the best place to start is on one of the government websites devoted to consumer financial protection. You will find a list of nonprofit services that can help you bring your credit card debt under control.

How Credit Ratings are Established

Before attempting to repair your credit, you need to know what happened to damage your credit file so you can avoid that in the future.

You also need to understand how credit is rated. A prepaid credit card is often used by consumers who say they need to rebuild credit and yet that option does nothing to change or repair a bad credit file. Prepaid credit cards are not reported to the rating bureaus.

You don’t need to charge a lot of purchases or have high balances to improve your bad credit. Almost anyone can obtain a secured credit card account by placing funds in a savings account to guarantee payment on the secured card.

Interest is charged and the account is revolving just as a standard credit card. Most lenders of these sub-prime credit accounts do report to the credit bureaus on a monthly basis.

Making purchases with the secured card each month will help rebuild your credit even when you pay off the balance due in full monthly.

Good Information Sources

Before using what you think is the ideal credit repair tips, do some investigation to be certain the information you are getting is correct.

There are many fly by night companies offering information that is meant to sell you services in the future. The information they publish may be partially correct but may be slanted to create sales.

The ideal info on credit repair is usually found on the site of large banks and lenders and on websites devoted to consumer financial information.

If you are trying to recover financially after a foreclosure or bankruptcy there are certain steps to take that will repair your credit.

Avoid Quick Fix

Information that promises to easily and quickly repair damaged credit or hints at having secret credit repair abilities should be avoided. It takes time to damage your credit rating and takes even more time to repair credit.

If your bad credit is a result of years of paying late or avoiding payment it will take a significant amount of time to create good credit. Bad credit can also be the result of a medical crisis in your family or a lost job that resulted in a financial crisis.

The better you can explain why you have bad credit and document the reasons, the easier it will be to solve your problems.


Choose respected websites of major lending banks and government agencies to find the best advice on how to repair your credit.

Avoid schemes and wild promises even though an instant fix to credit problems sounds enticing. Learn how credit is rated and follow the plans provided and you can rebuild your damaged credit in time.