For Ultimate Rewards get the American Express Blue Sky Card

The Blue Sky card is an ultimate rewards credit card. Points are awarded for every purchase and can be used for any airline, any hotel room, any cruise line, any car rental or any travel package.

American Express has made it easy to check the balance for your points and they are easier to use than almost any other company’s “point rewards” program.

Points Can Be Used Almost Anywhere

Points can also be used for gift cards with gift reward that may be used at almost any gas station, restaurant, and theatre or anywhere else AmEx is accepted.

Merchants have been please to participate in the Blue Sky Card promotions and some offer their own bonuses for customers who use this AmEx credit account.

Hertz, for example, offer up to 20% discounts to customers who use the Blue Sky card to rent a car.

Marriot and Atlantis hotels offer either a discount or room upgrade to those who present the Blue Sky card as payment.

The Global Assist Hotline

The Global Assist Hotline offered by American Express provides peace of mind for travelers who need assistance with financial, legal, medical or other emergency during their trip.

Covered travel must be more than 100 miles from your home but for those who travel internationally the hotline can connect you with English speaking help in the area when you need it.

You can shop with peace of mind if you use your Blue Sky card as American Express has included a purchase protection clause at no additional charge to the credit account holder. This benefit provides 90 days of protections from theft and damage from accidents for up to $1000 with a high limit of $50,000 per account each year.

“GivingExpress” Program and Account Protector

A unique type of gift card available to consumers who use the Blue Sky card a charity gift card. The program is called “GivingExpress” and can be given through an e-certificate or an environmentally sound card through the postal service. The recipient can decide which charity he wants to give the donation to.

An add-on offered with this credit card may be more useful than it first appears. For .85 per $100 of your credit balance you can add Account Protector. This is not a cheap option as an account carrying a balance of $5000 would pay an additional $42 per month for the Account Protector.

However, in this time of job uncertainty this could be advertised as a credit rating protector. This benefit provides cancelled monthly payments for anywhere from one month (for hospitalization of the account holder) to 24 months (involuntary unemployment or long term disability).

What is important to know is that payments are not “deferred” but are truly cancelled for those months. There is also a death benefit included in the Account Protector that pays “up to $10,000” should the account hold die.

For those with a job that is not as stable as they would like, this protection might be a good purchase but it is costly. There is no explanation offered to define the words “up to” but it is most likely the amount paid on death would be equal to the account balance.

If you usually pay off your credit card each month, the option to add account protection is an easier choice. For a monthly statement with a $0 balance, there is no fee for Account Protector during that month.

Credit Rating Monitoring

A second add-on service available to Blue Sky card holders is monitoring of your credit rating. For a fee of $12 per month, American Express will monitor your credit daily and alert you to changes that occur.

This benefit is advertised as giving the consumer unlimited access to credit report and scores and throws in lost wallet protection as a bonus.


It seems American Express has thought of everything with the Blue Sky credit card. Consumers have many options available they can freely use and some additional services they may purchase only if they choose to do so. For those who have good credit and can qualify, the AmEx Blue Sky is a must have credit account.