American Express Platinum Card Comes With Access to Airport Lounges

Access to airport lounges is a true bonus for frequent travelers. If you carry an AmEx Platinum Card you can receive a Priority Pass membership.

You must enroll to obtain the membership by calling a toll free number but membership is free. After enrollment you visit the Priority Pass Website for a list of participating airport lounges.

To gain access to airport lounges, card holders must present the Priority Pass and their airline ticket (beside your Platinum Card). The name on the ticket must match that on the Priority Pass Card.

Why Use Airport Lounges?

Airports are loud, crowded, busy places and the seating provided for the public provides no privacy. Frequent travelers may have an hour or more waiting for a connecting flight or may be stranded for several hours if there is a delay caused by bad weather.

The Platinum Card allows you to enter a smaller space where the occupants are sitting quietly chatting or reading or working on their laptops.

You are out of the bustle of crying children and rushing passengers trying to catch their plane and the atmosphere in an airport lounge is more conducive to relaxation.

Utilize The Best Airport Club Lounges

Platinum card gives your permission to access exclusive lounges that are clubs provided by specific airlines. These clubs are not only places of refuge in a busy airport but are also status symbols for flyers.

Admirals Club

American Airlines offers 40 oasis locations worldwide with the Admirals Club. Complimentary Wi-Fi, cyber cafes, music rooms and complimentary coffee, tea and soft drinks make this a pleasant place to spend an hour or two.

Snacks, sandwiches and salads are available in U.S. lounges as well as complimentary well rinks, wines and beer. Business travelers can keep working while traveling with the PCs, copiers and global printing available in the Admirals Club lounges.

Continental Airlines Presidents Club

With 970 airport lounges around the world, access to the Presidents Club provides a better travel experience between flights. Enjoy complimentary bar services, snacks, free wireless internet access and keep the airport stress at bay.

Delta Sky Club Access

With your Platinum Card, you have permission to access the popular Delta Sky Club. Fifty worldwide award-winning lounges are loaded with entertainment and business options.

Complimentary drinks and snacks are served throughout the day and satellite TVs provide the latest in business and sports for your entertainment.

For business travelers, top quality printers, dataports, fax machines and Wi-Fi are complimentary for lounge visitors. In some locations you can even clean up and change in the top quality, clean bathrooms with showers and complimentary shampoo and gel, luxurious towels and hair dryers.

Club Lounges of US Airways

If you need access to airport lounges, it’s easy to find a US Airways Club lounge as there are 250 clubs worldwide. These are not the plush lounges that many airlines offer but are more basic with limited complimentary services.

Cable TV, fax machines, copiers and shredders available as well as complimentary wireless internet from T-Mobile. Complimentary house wine and beer are available in some locations but other drinks and food are paid items.


You can gain access to airport lounges worldwide if you carry an American Express Platinum. If you need a quiet place to relax, any private lounge that is out of the hustle and bustle we associate with a busy airport is a definite plus.

In some instances, you can access luxurious lounges where you can have a drink and a snack or sandwich and even take a shower to refresh you. These club lounges are often paid memberships for customers of the particular airline and entering one of the club lounges can be a real treat for the occasional traveler. All in all, no other credit card out there can match the benefits of AMEX Platinum card!