About Me

During my years at university I found myself being trapped into debt and soon I was chasing every possible credit card offer I could apply.

However, what no one told me was that by applying for every offer you found, you were also damaging your credit report.

Everything changed when I started to take economics courses and dig into the world of personal economics and finance. I found it very interesting and really enjoyed what I learned.

Yet I was still going down the same path, applying for all kinds of credit card offers. I was trying to squeeze out more money to support my studies.

Soon, I realized I just couldn’t continue like this and started to really educate myself about credit in earnest.

I read everything I could find on credit cards, like how to consolidate your cards, the pros and cons of debt management companies, different types of credit cards and so on.

My friends really started to take notice when I just couldn’t stop talking about all of the interesting things I had learned!

Most of them had no idea how credit made a real impact on their lives. They constantly asked me to share my thoughts and knowledge with the world.

I figured that it made sense, since there were a lot of people out there looking for real information on credit cards.

So, I started to explore my options and decided to go with SBI who gave me all the tools I need to create this site.

Nevertheless, the intention of this site is not to pitch hundreds of different credit card offers.

Instead, I want to educate you and show you how to analyze the different card offers so that you can pick the best possible deal for your needs.

Today, 6 years after I graduated I can’t really say how glad I am for the knowledge I gained about the credit card world.

My credit rating is really good; I choose what credit cards to apply for while analyzing the offers carefully.

If you just apply 1/10th of what I am writing on this you will never need to worry about credit card debt again.

You will also be satisfied with your credit cards as I will teach you how to pick the best possible offer for your current needs.

Now, let’s us start with the fun work. Explore this site and don’t feel hesitate to send me any questions you have regarding credit cards, debt etc.

I am your host and here to answer your questions.

To your success!