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The world of credit cards can often be a complicated, confusing and even scary place.

Card providers make billions of dollars every year from consumers by charging :

  • sky-high interest rates and…
  • … numerous expensive fees …

… all which could riddle you with huge credit problems and excessive debt! So always compare your options before applying for a credit card!

That’s where we come in…

Think-CreditCards.com is a consumer oriented website that:

  • provides you with information and numerous different credit cards
  • will guide you through the search and application process
  • help you understand consumer finance (like protecting against identity theft protection).

All the while explaining everything simply and clearly in an easy to understand manner.

Remember: Credit lenders are hungry for new customers, which puts you in the driver’s seat. Review the options at Think-CreditCards.com and find your ideal card today!

Stay up date with latest tips and advice on how to keep yourself from debt, how to consolidate your cards, choose the best mortgage broker, cheap loans, latest reviews plus much more! Our honest opinion will help you decide what type of card suit your need best without trying to make you sign up for a deal you hate! Below are some of our popular posts published we recommend you to explore further…

In this section, we are listing popular articles you should read in order to pick the ideal card for your needs. We will discuss the ideal rewards programs, different types of cash back cards, what to do if you have bad credit, why using a prepaid card can be a cost-effective way to pay for purchases, why instant approval cards could damage your credit history and more! So, browse through the sections outlined below and start educating yourself!

    • The 0 apr balance transfer card could save you thousands in interest!
    • How to find zero interest cards by leading companies for consumers and businesses?
    • How can business cards help you keep track of your business spending.
    • Do no credit check cards actually exist in reality?
    • Finding the right first time cards without risking debt.
    • Discover the ideal student cards you should apply for!
    • Did you know that low interest cards can help you focus on paying off your debts faster?
    • Learn how to stay away from debt while enjoying the freedom with a secure card.
    • Check out the lowest interest installment money options for great deals.
    • Getting cards for poor credit isn’t difficult, so make sure to check out your options today!
    • Where to find credit card applications aimed for people with fair credit?

In this section, you’ll find the most popular credit card brands available on the market today. Worth mentioning is that each of these brands have at lest one card that will surely fit your needs. It is your job to browse each brand, read and write down their offers and then decide what card or cards you should apply for.

  • Why is an AMEX card different and more luxurious than the other cards on the market?
  • The “priceless” MasterCard commercial on TV describes this card in a nutshell.
  • The Bank of America is offering a wide range of cards for your specific needs.
  • The Sears card is a “must have card” if you like to shop at Sears stores!
  • Why is a Discover card so popular among the consumers?
  • Apply for Visa card account by choosing a major lender and picking the Visa option.
  • The Citi card meets your specific needs and offers many different types of cards.
  • Let us reveal the Chase top deals and why this is the “ultimate extra feature card”.
  • Did know that First Premier card is available to those with bad credit as well!
  • Enjoy the benefits of Capital One card no matter what your current needs are.
  • Make sure to have significant financial resources when applying for an HSBC card account!
  • A short term loan with Mr Lender could offer a great credit card alternative for that unexpected expense.

Here, I will list our own credit card tools and calculators exclusively created to help you make the right decision. You will be able
to calculate exactly how long  you’ll need to pay back your debt, your total interest in 60 months, total interest paid etc. We are also listing other tools (see more below) aimed to help you find the right card for your needs.

    • The ideal calculator you should use to accelerate your credit card debt payoff!
    • How can Individual Voluntary Arrangement help you get out of debt?
    • Use our guard to keep your cards safe wihout allowing anyone to steal your data!
    • Our cool and easy to use card finder will make it easier to find a deal that suit your need.